Best Ultralight Spinning Reel 2021 to Transform the Way You Fish

best ultralight spinning reel
There is no rubber bullet in fishing.
To fight with water giants, you have to prepare with the right stuff.
And one of the main weapons is spinning reel (which I bet you haven’t taken it seriously yet). And when it comes to choosing the spinning reel, lightweight one is always recommended.
They’re a lot easier to handle, as there are no line weight digging issues and the line twist getting tangled. And if you are a beginner, there are plenty of technicalities that you have to familiarize yourself with first. So, investing on a lighter (if possible go for ultralight) reel is the best possible thing to start the fishing journey.
Today I’m going to be breaking down the top 5 best ultralight spinning reel that is beloved by the angler buddies.
  1. Best freshwater spinning reels: Daiwa BG spinning reelAn ultralight reel yet more robust
  1. Best ultralight spinning reel trout: Kastking summer and centron spinning reelsA cool innovation for any catches with ease
  1. Best ultralight spinning reel under $50: Sougayilang Fishing Reel – “The ultimate choice for both inshore and offshore that won’t beak your bank”
  1. Best ultralight spinning reel under $100: KastKing Megatron Spinning Reel – “Versatile enough to satisfy any need
  1. Best ultralight spinning reel for the money: Piscifun Carbon X Spinning Reels – “Serious power and control at a reasonable price”

The Advantage and Disadvantage of Ultralight Spinning Reels for Fishing

best spinning reel for the money
Choosing the spinning reel is challenging especially for Ultralight saltwater spinning reel, if you are unaware of its advantages and disadvantages. And when it comes to ultralight fishing, it should be as light as possible, and based on the target fish, it needs to be appropriately matched and set up in the best combination that you always love to catch bigger fish.
However, fishing reels are available in both high and affordable prices. You will need to keep in mind that the reel can get jammed or tangled if you don’t pick the best lightweight spinning reel. Remember, it is an essential part of the fishing reel set up.
Let’s learn the advantages and disadvantages of spinning reels for ultralight fishing.



The Best Ultralight Spinning Reel Reviews (Top 5 Recommendation by Pro Angler)

Here is our top 5 best lightweight spinning reel to enjoy an old-fashioned weekend getaway with friends and family.

1. KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel

kastking sharky fishing reel
Keep fishing fun with KastKing Sharky III.
The KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel is no doubt, one of the finest spinning reels in the fishing industry, but along with its center of gravity and performance, it also carried a numerous number of awesome features.

Specification at a glance

Why we love it?

What really surprising is, these quality reel come with a pretty steep price tag- under 100$, they’re worth it for sure. This stuff got an awesome triple disc carbon fiber drag for sure. That’s not all, 10+1 shielded stainless steel bearings make the reel strong enough to fight small fish even the larger one.
The KastKing Sharky III is now smoother, lighter, and most importantly, stronger than ever!
Still not convinced? This reel comes with features like aluminum ready spool, fibre-reinforced body, impressive brass alloy gear, and an oversized main shaft. This awesome shaft creates a great spinning rod and reel combo which offers brute force to combat with larger game fish. This cool reel is sealed with a KISS!
Yes, you heard that right, kiss!
K.I.S.S. (KastKing Intrusion Shield System) – The water-resistant design for utmost protection for its spool, body, and rotor. This will keep water and dirt out.
Let’s be honest:
We really like the braid fishing line which reduces backing line and ensure more line capacity so that battling with the big one won’t be difficult for you.

2. Kastking Summer and Centron Spinning Reels

kastking summer and centron spinning reels
The tremendous KastKing centron is the real versatile warrior that can tackle any water monster from the river to the ocean.
Think I’m exaggerating?
Heck No!
The KastKing Summer is such an ultralight spinning combo that has the ability to convert any angler into a PRO. We rather say this stuff is a marvellous addition to your fishing tackle collection.

Specification at a glance

Why we love it?

One thing we all have to admit, KastKing Summer is the reel that offers the finest value…at any level. Brilliant finish, attractive look and its high strength with a power launch lip- this fishing beauty has everything to beat any high price tag competitor’s models for much more.
Make sense?
Look at the reel, isn’t it attractive? The narrow graphite body and frame design makes it lighter and could be a classic gift for anybody who loves fishing.
What’s more?
Computer balancing system ensures top-notch performer as a compact Spinning Reel. Besides this, Summer/Centron’s 9 ball bearings and 1 instant stop anti-reverse bearing play a vital role in smoother performance.
Above everything, the unique design handle makes it super comfortable as well as Right / Left interchangeable.
What about Inner Parts?
Premium quality part like mesh drive gear, hardened metal main shaft, and pinion gear keep it ahead from the rest of the other reel for fish fighting power.
As cool as it sounds!
Superior CNC machined aluminum spool got decent line lay for more fishing line capacity.
daiwa bg spinning reel
Whether they’re pro fisherman or hobbyist, these Daiwa BGs are the best spinning reel you can buy for your next day out.
No doubt about it.
Not only this one, the whole series is an excellent choice for ultralight freshwater actions. With 15% less weight of air force than conventional rotors, the handy design cuts out the fat. In the meantime, this distributes stress equally for optimum performance in a lightweight design.

Specification at a glance

Why we love it?

If you want no deadline in the core, then this one from Daiwa is best. Its ABS spool works tremendously to reduce core diameter and reversed taper.
The result?
Less casting friction and simple casting! But the best part is it is also braid-ready. What’s so special about this spool? Well, the decent spool diameter line moves effortlessly in larger coils. As a result, this creates less line memory coil.
Keep in mind one thing:
Smaller spool diameter will cause tighter coils which won’t give you confidence. Most interesting fact, Daiwa BG spinning series got the largest drive gear in history.
What’s the benefit of it?
The surprising benefit of owning an oversized gear is that it will boost up the gear-tooth contact points. Therefore, you will get a reel with smoother and extended gear life with impressive torque.
Did you notice the handle?
Daiwa’s exclusive Screw-in-Handle design is made from pure aluminuam and offer minimum effort between the gear and handle arm. This means you will get enormous control when rotating the handle.

4. Okuma ceymar spinning reel

okuma ceymar spinning reel
Smooth as butter!
We think that’s the right word for this fishing gear which will cast a country mile within a blink. Easy To Own, excellent To fish- that the promo of Okuma and that seems quite legit to us.

Specification at a glance

Why we love it?

As you can see, it’s a C-30 model what you might know that Okuma has designed different model for a particular function.
What does this mean to you?
Well, the C-30 and C-40 are basically for Freshwater Performers. These versatile, intermediate sizes allow a good chunk of anglers that fish for walleye, steelhead, bass, carp, catfish and more.
Let’s be more specific about the c-30 model.
The c-30 is much appropriate for finesse casting like drop-shotting bass or jigging walleye. When we tested, found out this one is ok with 6- to 8-pound line. But if you aim for larger capacity with 10- to 12-pound line, then this c-30 might be not a good choice for you. We will rather say go for c-40 from this same series.
The sleek design of Okuma Ceymar c-30 will give you a mesmerizing fishing experience for all anglers. Designed with a fluid 8-bearing drive, this fishing gadget offers a full line-up of cool performance features.
A firm machined aluminum spool offers solid strength for monofilament fishing lines. One definite feature we want to mention is the awesome rotor system. This ensures RESII computer balancing so that you can smoothly spin at high speed, say goodbye to annoying wobble.

5. Cadence spinning reel CS8

cadence spinning reel
Cadence tackle engineering combines functionality, sensitivity, smooth casting and ways to save you money.
Too good!
Cadence CS8 keeps fishing fun by keeping it reasonable. Engineered with shielded 9 corrosion resistant bearings, this reel is a true monster for fishes.

Specification at a glance

Why we love it?

There is a lot to talk about this awesome fishing tool.
First of all, one instant stop anti-reverse bearing is totally a game-changer. It’s so eye-soothing to see fast performance. This can be possible for super low torque. As the company claim, this has been imported from Japan. And we all know Japan has a reputation for producing fast blazing gear.
What about the gear ratio?
Well, 6.2:1/5.2:1 Ratio is more than enough to freshwater fishing for fast performance. The base of the reel is a light magnesium frame. Besides these, it comes with a carbon rotor with 10 corrosion resistant bearings. The EVA handle knob seems solid and automatically reduce reel weight.
What is the other reason to Choose CS8?
Well, mainly because of the Unique 1- Piece Braid Ready Design. This simple fact makes out letting smoother than ever and makes a shield from damage when casting. Another good news, it’s backed by 1-Year manufacturer’s Warranty as well as the 3-month return policy.
The bottom line?
Cadence CS8 comes with some advanced features at an unbeatable value.

6. Piscifun Flame Spinning Reels

piscifun flame spinning reel
Piscifun packed the Flame Spinning Reels series with features you expect from reels costing $200 or even more, all at a very low price tag of less than $80.
Good for you!
If you look for excellent lightweight reels under $50, then look no further. The matte black finish with the red spool, this cult classic perfectly symbolizes its name Flame.

Specification at a glance

Why we love it?

We are flattered by seeing such a sharp and rigid spinning fishing reels with solid, hollow body.
Let us say this straight:
We haven’t expected the feature in this price tag. Far more advanced feeling and casting, this comes with X shape spool. In the meantime, you will love the personalized handle.
Thanks to the lightweight body.
The relatively narrow hollow graphite design makes it extra lightweight. Only 8.5oz, this one is most probably the lightweight reel we came across.
Pure Power is the absolute advantage of this spinning reel. Tremendous drag power up to 19.8Lb, this will surely give you the confidence to conquer the water.
Still confused about its worthiness?
There are plenty of great features like the reinforced metal shaft, brass pinion gear, drive gear, and triple drag washers, with this reel fighting with the giants won’t be a big deal for you.
Let’s not forget:
This stuff comes with 9+1 Ball Bearings. This top-notch bearing is best of the best and will give you buttery smooth cast without spending tons of money.

7. Sougayilang Fishing Reel

sougayilang fishing reel
The Sougayilang series will definitely exceed your expectations with some cool stuff, quality, and design you have come to appreciate in fishing gear above $150.
You bet it is!
The Right / Left interchangeable spinning reel with a smooth finish and gorgeous look make farther casting.

Specification at a glance

Why we love it?

We absolutely love to see how versatile this reel actually is; you can position it literally anywhere. No matter whether its Ocean boat fishing, rock fishing on see, beach fishing, or plain lake, river, reservoir pond, the solid performance of this gear will surely amaze you.
But don’t miss the best feature:
The 13+1 Sougayilang corrosion ball bearings seem solid as well as corrosion-resistant. Apart from the regular features like brass gears, hardened metal shaft; there is a unique feature name triple disc carbon drag washers. And that’s a huge plus.
And you know what?
It includes an extra free spare spool! The handle is made from CNC machined aluminium and can be interchangeable right or left.
Is it lighter enough?
The materials used in this reel are quite lighter than the typical fishing reel. As a result, this weight only 7 ounces. This lighter version is mainly because of the hollow frame; simple maintenance the reel for long-time fishing. The distinctive cosmetics will surely awe you and your partners.

8. Piscifun Carbon X Spinning Reels

piscifun carbon x spinning reels
Piscifun fishing gears have been designed by pro anglers who are out on the fishing day in, day out. So no wonder other Piscifun reels take place in our best ultralight spinning reel reviews. This time Piscifun nailed it with Carbon X.

Specification at a glance

Why we love it?

We already discussed one of the reels from Piscifun reel series. So it’s pretty obvious there are a lot of similarities between these two.
But here is some fact which makes it unique from the previous model:
The first noteworthy distinct feature is the Silky Smooth performance. We’re literally amazed at the magnificent smoothness of the Carbon X.
A true beauty!
Another fact is the 10+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings. We found this bearing work uniquely for retrieve performance.
Now let’s see what about the drag.
As the model indicates, size 1000 model designed with one oversized carbon washer, which is the finest drag power so far. However, the sealed rubber rings ensure that your drag won’t be damaged by water and dust.
So no matter whether you’re aiming for tournament kicker or a plain fun day with the kids on the lake, these drags will give you the ultimate experience.

What is Ultralight Fishing?

Compared to regular anglers used in a tournament circuit, rods and reels of ultralight fishing are much smaller and lightweight. When you reduce the size of your used gear, if you catch fish with a full-size medium action gear using a 12lb test line, you regularly overexpose you rself more.


The ultralight fishing rod’s range is 4’.0” – 4’.6” and some rods are available in 8’.0” – 9’.0” too. However, because of the great angling properties, many people prefer to use a rod with a length of 5.’0” – 6’.0”.


The reels’ responsibility is to hold a large number of lines, so they are designed to stay less than 10 ounces of weight. Because of the smaller reels, handling lighter lines gets easier.


The lines used in ultralight gear come in sizes for purists, from 1 lb test and small to large, up to 6 pounds. You will be able to gain more distance with the help of these lines while throwing lightweight lures.


Ultralight gear lures are small, tiny and lightweight. The maximum weight of these lures are not more than 1/8 ounce, and the average length is ½” as well as not longer than 2”.

Who makes the best spinning reel for ultralight fishing?

Are you a fishing enthusiast? If your answer is YES, then you might have experienced pain in your arm, shoulder, and wrist after whole day fishing.
To keep yourself fit during a long day fishing session, the spinning reel has to be lightweight.
The good news is; many manufacturers are making lightweight fishing reels. And the bad news is, all spinning reel manufacturers are not maintaining the best quality.
Now the big question, who makes the best lightweight spinning reel?
Let’s find the answer.

1. Shimano

Shimano is one of the top manufacturers in manufacturing different fishing gears. Shimano always puts attention to ensure comfort to its user while manufacturing spinning reels. Most of the Shimano spinning reels are made of carbon fiber, which makes them lightweight.
Also, because of the water-resistant coating, they are promised to deliver long term service.

2. Abu Garcia

Although Abu Garcia manufactures different fishing gear types, it gained much popularity because of its quality spinning reels. Abu Garcia uses the unique magnetic brake system in most of its spinning reels.
The responsibility of this feature is to eliminate potential backlashes and make the fishing session smooth.

3. KastKing

KastKing tells its spinning reels as a next-generation spinning reel. Kastking’s manufactured spinning reels are lightweight, affordable, durable, and efficient. The body and rotor of KastKing’s spinning reels are made of graphite so that its user can get an extended period of service.
Also, because of the lightweight feature, users of KastKing Spinning reel don’t feel any fatigue in their arm, wrist, and shoulder after using it for a long time.

Are Expensive Spinning Reels Worth It?

Yes, expensive spinning reels are worthy and deliver effective and reliable performance. Using the best lightweight spinning reel, your fishing experience will be more enjoyable than before.
Let’s look at the advantages of expensive spinning reels.

1. Lightweight

Because of the lighter characteristics of an expensive spinning reel, most people prefer to purchase them. Being lightweight, you will be able to hold them for long hours, and you will not feel any pain in any of your body parts.

2. Better balance

Since expensive spinning reels are weightless, a lightweight high-end rod makes them better balanced. It is best to purchase rods and reels that are lightweight as much as possible and well-balanced too. As a result, throughout the day, you will have excellent fishing experience.

3. Easy to learn

Expensive spinning reels are easy to learn, and a beginner will never face any problem in using it. Even, they are less stylish than entry-level spinning reels. It makes you feel good about your equipment and allows you to focus on what you are doing.

4. Excellent dragging system

With the help of an excellent dragging system, you can play larger fishes and get tired slowly without breaking the line and freeing them from the hook. It is one of the best reasons why expensive spinning reels are worth it.
The truth is, you will never regret purchasing an expensive spinning reel.

Things to Consider On the Ultralight Spinning Reel

Picking the best lightweight spinning reel is not an easy task, especially for beginners. Without the best product, you will not be able to experience a great fishing session.
So, while purchasing a spinning reel, you will need to consider a few essential factors I have discussed in the below section.


This is the essential factor that you should look at. Since a lot of manufacturers and retailers are manufacturing spinning reels, the price will vary a lot. From expensive to affordably priced spinning reels are available in the market. It would be best if you make a budget plan for the spinning reel.

Reel Size

The size of the reel will let you determine the entire spool lines. So, a spinning reel with 25,000 or equivalent lines is sufficient enough.

Drag System

The drag system is one of the most critical factors of a spinning reel. And in terms of an ultralight spinning reel, it is significantly essential.
The lighter line you are using means that when you avoid the line break while fighting a fish, you rely on the pull of your reel to create smooth and consistent resistance.
Setting the drag system is a good idea. Thus you will be able to create medium to heavy pressure while fishing. And adjusting it depending on the condition and size of the fish that you are catching.


The spinning reel material plays a vital role in terms of durability and weight.
The body of a standard spinning reel is made of either aluminum or graphite. Generally, aluminum is a more robust material, and there will be less flex to create more torque for larger fish.
Graphite is similarly a lightweight material. Lightweight spinning reel means you can control your spinning reel more comfortably and efficiently while fishing.

Gear Ratio

The simple meaning of the gear ratio is that the bolt rotates around the spool opposite the handle. The smoothness of the draag and cast depends a lot on the gear ratio.
For instance, a spinning reel with a 6:1 gear ratio means that the bail will spin 6 times around the spool at every turn of the handle.
A spinning reel’s minimum gear ratio is 4:1, whereas the optimum gear ratio is 5:1. A higher gear ratio ensures that you can pull a fish a lot faster. Because of the higher gear ratio, a spinning reel will become bulky; the smoothness will make for an additional ounce or 2.


The performance of a spinning reel depends a lot on the design and construction. Balancing the reel’s weight and strength is an essential part. Most spinning reel manufacturers have come up with an idea of balancing these 2 with the help of all upgraded technologies and lightweight materials.
A standard spinning reel’s internal components are well-combined with the right tolerance while handling the bail and crank’s turn.
While purchasing a saltwater spinning reel, remember to open the bail. In a standard spinning reel, you can smoothly open it. And at the time of cranking the reel, with less resistance, the bail must snap close.

What is the best spinning reel for crappie?

ultralight spinning reel
Anglers love to fish crappie.
Catching crappies becomes more enjoyable with the right tool in hand. However, picking the right spinning reel for crappie is a tricky task. You will end up purchasing a poor quality spinning reel for crappie if you are unaware of a spinning reel’s characteristic for crappie.
The characteristics of the best lightweight spinning reel for crappie are:


The main body of a spinning reel for crappie should be lightweight as well as flexible.
Aluminum is a material that is strong and lightweight. And graphite ensures flexibility. So, the main body of a spinning reel for crappie should be made of a combination of aluminum and graphite.


A productive crappie fishing session depends a lot on the weight of the spinning reel. You will be able to get a good catch if the weight of the spinning reel is lighter. Compared to a regular spinning reel, crappie reels are lightweight. The average weight of a crappie reel is 2 lbs.

Ball Bearings

This is another necessary characteristic a crappie reel should consist of. Ball bearings are necessary accessories of a crappie reel that plays a vital role in reducing friction. Also, because of this, a spool can smoothly move. The smooth functionality of a spool relies on the number of ball bearings.
These characteristics will help you to make a difference between the best crappie reel and a bad one.

The Bottom Line

Before wrapping up this best ultralight spinning reel, we want to recap some vital facts.
It is advisable not to go beyond your budget. Many lucrative offers and deals are out there, but you should know your budget before purchasing a spinning reel. One notable thing you should consider is that you have to spend more money on the best quality spinning reel.
And the truth is, expensive spinning reels come with the best quality.
Good luck and Have a great day!

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