Best Spinning Rods Under 100 Dollars – Buying Guide for 2021

best spinning rods under 100
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As an angler one’s must-have equipment is a fishing rod. A fishing rod is actually a stick connected with the fishing line and at one end there is a hook attached to the fishing line. There is a different kind of fishing rods available nowadays for example- Baitcasting rods, Spinning rods, Ice rods, Spin Casting rods and so on. A spinning rod is used especially with a spinning reel and the reel hangs underneath the rod.

Among all other fishing rods spinning rods are the most popular ones. This fishing style is simple but can be used to catch most species of fishes. And a nice, well-constructed spinning rod can be easily bought at a cost under a hundred dollar. 

So, if you are already having a spinning reel and searching for a decent spinning rod for it, then you have come to the right place.

Here, I have come with the best spinning rods under 100. Why do you spend more when you can buy one without spending a fortune? Before going to market if you take a look at this article, it may come handy and may let you make a good choice.

Ugly Stik is a well-known manufacturer brand in the field of angling equipment. Their GX2 spinning rod is a well-constructed and lightweight spinning rod for anglers. It is a composite rod, made of using both fiberglass and graphite. Graphite gives firmness to its structure and fiberglass gives it elasticity.

The first glance on this beautiful rod can make any angler ready to buy it. The full black matte body with red lining and eye-catchy design can attract anyone easily. But its look isn’t all it has got. The rod has pleased many users with its durability and strong performance.
The body of this rod is constructed in a way that it gives better balance to its user. Along with being lightweight gives to its balance an extra dimension. It comes in a lot of size and power variations from 4’6’’ to massive 9’. So you can choose one that suits your angling style.

The handle of this GX2 spinning rod is made of EVA foam. EVA made handles are getting popular day by day as they provide good grip and increase user comfort.

GX2 spinning rods come in 1 to 4 piece variants. You may think about which one to buy. I would suggest you choose from 1-piece or 2-piece models. Though other 3 or 4-piece models don’t have any problem, I personally prefer 1-piece or 2-piece models. You can have your thoughts also.
You can purchase this good looking amazing spinning rod under 50$. You will hardly find such a good piece at this rate. The users of this spinning rod were overwhelmed with its performance and they suggested other people buy them.

A spinning rod for anglers who prefer to catch medium to large challenging fishes. Yes, Ugly Stik Elite Spinning rod is a composite fishing rod. It is constructed with fiberglass and graphite. 

But the manufacturer claims that the construction contains 35% more graphite than other spinning rods. Though it is not a full graphite spinning rod, it is tougher than what you may be thinking.

There is a huge variant in the sizes of this Elite spinning rod. They start from 4’6 ‘’ to 7’6’’. You can choose what you think to be good for your angling type. The 5’6’’ size tends to be more popular with anglers. 

Most sizes are available in 1-piece or 2-piece size. A customer can buy whatever he is comfortable with as 1 or 2-piece doesn’t affect much in cost.

Sometimes when you fish holding the rod in your hand for a long time, it will feel heavy and you will get tired holding it. But the handle of this Elite spinning rod is made of cork. It makes you able to hold the handle of the rod for a long time.

As you go through the specification of the rod, you will see that as the length of the Elite rods increases their power also increases. But there is a 7’ size which possesses ultra-light power. 

Though it seems to be an exception, this model is especially for people who like fishing sitting on lakeside or river bank and like to spend their leisure fishing. Actually, Ugly Stik Elite spinning rods are made for every kind of angler.

The price range of Elite fishing rods makes it affordable for anglers. It is not overpriced nor cheap. Ugly Stik is a well-known name in the fishing rod industry. So, while buying its products, you will not have to think twice about the quality.

You can use any kind of line with Elite spinning rods. Even braided lines can also be used. It has a unique Clear Tip design which is sensitive enough to detect the lightest nibble underwater. 

The guide of Elite spinning rods is made of 1-piece stainless steel termed as Ugly Tuff guide. It provides user comfort and eliminates inner pop out. Its users are pretty much pleased with this product. Overall, this is one of the best spinning rods under 100.


If you are a medium or pro angler, then Shimano FXS can be the best spinning rod for you. This is a strong, well-made spinning rod that can be used in any type of water. You can use it for fishing on a lake and also use it on ocean saltwater. This spinning rod is able to meet the satisfaction of every angler.

Shimano FXS comes in a good range of size variants from 5-feet to 9-feet. Every model of Shimano FXS cones in 2-piece. So, if you are looking for a 1-piece rod, this may not be the one. 

Instead of being 2- piece these rods are strong enough to handle fishes pretty well. It can be separated into 2 exact pieces. So, it is convenient to carry it to your fishing spot.

The blank of Shimano FXS is made of strengthened and durable aero glass material. The spinning rod is said to be super sensitive. It can identify even the smallest movement underwater. Pro angler will be happy with this feature while a beginner may find this a little bit too sensitive.
Shimano FXS has got O shaped guides which are made of aluminum oxide. The guide ensures a smooth flow of lines when an angler cast or retrieve the rod. Moreover, the graphite reel seat on the rod holds the spinning reel strongly.
Its handle is specially made of foam EVA rubber grip. The handle makes it comfortable to use. And even if your hand or the handle is wet, it won’t slip away from your hand. You will be able to hold it tightly.
This rod is strong and flexible to use. Fishing may not damage this rod. But if you put unwanted pressure on it, it may break. It is not actually the manufacturer’s fault.

The Perigee II is a novel fishing rod brought by KastKing. This spinning rod looks good as well as performs well. KastKing has used top-notch materials to build this unique rod. 

The blank is made of triple layer carbon fiber which makes the rod strong and increases its strength. Carbon fiber is known for its durability and strength while not increasing the weight. So, you can rest assured about the blank.

A unique characteristic noticed in this fishing rod is that its blank is not polished or painted. Yet the rod looks great. They did this so that the sensitivity or accuracy of the rod is maintained properly. Another noticeable thing is the handle is made with pure perfection. It is a high-density EVA handle that won’t let you slip the rod easily.

The KastKing Perigee II offers some unique features and it had a huge pre-release demand. The guide used in this rod is made of ceramic. It assures a seamless flow of lines without getting heated.

Another thing unlike other rods, it got a hook holder attached with the blank to increase user comfort. It offers a balanced and smooth transition of power throughout the rod for a great fishing experience.

The Perigee II comes in 1-piece or 2-piece model. The 1-piece is for typical anglers. You will be glad to know that its 2-piece spinning rod comes with two rod tips of different power.

One is medium with medium heavy and the other is medium with medium light power. It means you are buying two different types of rod that serve the different purpose of fishing at the cost of one.

The Perigee II can be bought within 60$. But the price worth every penny as you are getting two different purpose fishing rods. And every other feature it possesses is hard to find all in one spinning reel. So if your budget is over 50$, please have a look at this spinning rod.
Now, on the list, we have encountered a different type of spinning rod. This rod is especially for anglers who love angling small to medium size fishes that are attracted to lighter lures. That’s why every model of this spinning rod is either light or ultralight. It is easy to use and makes fishing fun.

Shakespeare Micro spinning rod comes mainly different sizes from 4’6’’ to 7’6’’. Every size comes in 2-piece except only one size. The size 4’6’’ comes in 1-piece. It looks little and compact but people who take fishing as a hobby or leisure they will love to have at least one of these spinning rods. 

And why not! They are not even costly. Depending on the size they come in 20$- 34$. So any angler can afford this micro rod easily.

The problem is you can’t catch big fishes with it. But this spinning rod excels in a specific field and in its field this is a beast. Throw a small lure into the water with it and you will have no problem catching Trout, Panfish and small bass with it.

Shakespeare Micro series rods are made of good quality materials. It is true that you can’t expect the action and durability of a 100$ worth rod from this 20$ rod, but you can’t find any rod better than this at this price.

 This is a graphite composite rod. Its handle is made of cork and easy to have a grip on it. It has got guides made of stainless steel and other inserts are also made of stainless steel.

It will be better if you use it on calm water like lake water or riverside. You will be amazed at its performance. But as it is an ultralight/light rod, it may not work well in the deep current of the ocean. Otherwise, it is actually enjoyable to use this micro rod.

Okuma Tundra Surf spinning rods are one of the best spinning rods that are made with fiberglass. This is a well-constructed rod that you can use to catch a different kind of fishes. It is a qualitiful fishing rod in an affordable range. As it is made of fiberglass materials, it is not as stiff as the graphite one. It is flexible enough to cover a large area while fishing.

It has a heavy-duty fiberglass blank. It comes in a huge size range from 7 feet to a massive 15 feet. You can hardly find such a qualitiful 15 feet fishing rod made of fiberglass. It comes in mainly 2-pieces blank construction. But you can get 3-pieces blank for the 13 feet and 15 feet models which make them convenient to transport.

Other than blank, it has got long-lasting ceramic guides and all guides of it are double footed. The inserts are also ceramic made. It has got stainless steel made reel seat where you can use your favorite spinning reel.

 It is corrosion resistant too. It has a rear and fore grip made of EVA foam which provides good grip. You will notice rubber caps on its split butt grips.

Fiberglass rods tend to be less sensitive. So, it will not be a wise decision to go for small fishes with this rod. Medium to large fishes will be easy to detect. It is a lightweight rod. You can buy Okuma Tundra Surf rods under 35$. 

They come with a 1-year warranty and the manufacturer will replace any faulty part within the time. You can use it on the ocean and also the river too. Overall, this is a promising spinning rod. If you are looking for any fiberglass spinning rod, don’t forget to check this one.


Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod is a spinning rod for anglers who love to cast at long distance and love to try the various fishing technique with their rods. If you are obsessed with having a graphite spinning rod, you can try this one. They cost 55$ to 65$. You will not easily find a nice graphite rod at this price.

First of all, it looks stunning. So as its performance, It is the best fit for fighting fish. A fishing rod with improved sensitivity with moderate-fast action under 100$ is something that all pro anglers will fall for. The rod is made of carbon fiber and its toughness is enough for casting at a long distance without bending the rod.
There are not many variants you will find in this fishing rod. It comes mainly in 3 sizes: 10 feet and 12 feet. An upgraded version of the 12 feet rod is also available. They are all 2-piece rods and they can be break into 2 equal halves. So, if you are looking for some short rods, this may not satisfy your need.
For smooth retrieval of line, it has got stainless steel with ceramic mixed guides. Ceramic can transfer the heat equally. So, when you cast longer baits the guide will help with the frictionless flow of lines. This rod has given a great performance on saltwater fishing too and it tends to be corrosion resistant.
While fishing with this rod, to make sure the rod will not slip away from your hand, it has got a special rubber shrink tube handle. The rod weights nearly 13oz and can hold up to 40lbs. you can easily catch medium to large fighting fishes with it.
The special reel seat is made of stainless steel and there are the thin hood transitions above and below reel seat protecting cap. It has got many good reviews from users. Overall, an absolute price worthy piece that any angler would love to have.

Here comes an easy, lightweight solution for busy anglers. If you are looking for a packable rod try this. This is said to be one of the best spinning rods under 100 that is packable. While you are on a trip, you can carry it in your backpack easily and guess what! You can buy one under 15$.

The rod tube of this spinning reel is extremely small. This 5 feet 6 inch long rod becomes 18inch when you pack it. But being small doesn’t hinder its quality. It is made with fiberglass material and trusted for its durability and strength. You can use it on saltwater or freshwater.
It has 4 eyelets. Attach a small spinning reel with it and you are ready for fishing. You will know when you have got a bite. You can catch small to small-medium fishes like panfish, catfish, carp, sunfish, bass, chain pickerel, sea robin, blues, and even small stripers or trouts with it. It is pretty much quick to deploy and you can cast well with it.

This spinning rod is equipped with ceramic guides. It has one hook per pack. You can cast up to 40-50ft well with this rod. It comes with an EVA foam handle which grips well. Finally, you get a 1-year warranty for the rod.

This is a travel-friendly, compact spinning rod. Though you can’t expect the performance of a 100$ rod with it, it works really well within its boundary. It has got many 5-star rating on Amazon and customers were really happy purchasing this sweet, candy looking bright yellow spinning rod.

KastKing Calumus Spinning Rod is another legendary spinning rod from KastKing. This one is known to be the lightest spinning rod. That means you can fish for a long time without exhausting your hands.

Every part of it is made lightweight. They are perfect for panfish, Croppie, perch or trout and other species of warm water fishes. Once you use it, you will know why it is one of the best spinning rods under 100.

Its blank is made of carbon fiber. The speciality lies in the carbon fiber. The carbon fiber used here is micro polish IM7 rated carbon fiber which is thought to be the lightest material can be used for any rod. Its modulus rating is 30 million and has a strain rate 650K. 

The highest graphite material costs way more than a normal graphite material. That’s why you will find this item a bit costly than the previous rods I have mentioned. But it is still under 100$. KastKing has tried to provide their best to their customers while keeping the product in its budget.

Another thing you will notice is that they have used premium Titanium for guides. Titanium is used in aircraft because of its heat and corrosion resisting ability while being lightweight than aluminum or steel. 

The V – Mark titanium guide frames and rings will let the lines pass through smoothly. It also takes part in increasing sensibility. So, you can detect the slightest bite easily.

You will find the rods range from 4’6’’ to 7 feet. Its action ranges from moderate fast to fast and power ranges from ultralight to medium-high. All rods come in 2- piece model except the smaller 4’6’’ model. They start from 2.5oz even the longest Calamus rod weighs 4.65oz.
To save weight on the handle, they have designed a special split rear handle and thin fighting butt. Premium EVA foam handle is used for good grip. It got a high-quality SKSS 2 piece reel seat. Overall, this is an incredible piece with which you can go fishing all day long.

Finally, on the list, we have Cadane CR5 which is ideal for gamefish and freshwater fishes. This fishing rod can bring the ultimate fishing experience for you. This one is also a high-quality graphite spinning rod. The carbon modulus rating used here is 30 million also said as 30 Ton graphite which makes it super lightweight and sensible.

The rod is made with premium quality materials. The manufacturer is so confident that they provide a 90 days return policy with 100% money back guarantee. This is a versatile fishing road. Bass fishing, kayak fishing, trout fishing or surf fishing you can use this rod everywhere either it is freshwater or saltwater.

Its length varies from 4’8’’ to 7’. You may think you don’t have many choices here. But let me tell you, they come in a huge power range. You can make choice 1-piece or 2-piece models with ultralight or heavy power. 

The action lies in moderate, moderately fast and fast. They have literally tried every possible combination of size, power with action so that every type of angler can have at least one rod that suits their style.

They have featured two types of handle for the rods. So you can make a choice if you want to go for a split handle or a full handle. They have used premium cork for the handle. To add more comfortability, they have used EVA foam on the handle too. Fuji reel seat was used in this rod which makes the design more ergonomic.
It got stainless steel guides that have SiC inserts. It keeps smooth line flowing even for longer casts. The design eliminates line stucking and gives frictionless line flow. The 2-piece rod is good for travelling and can be fitted in your car easily.
They can be bought within 60$. Looks expensive but works pretty well. Highly sensible for small fishes. Like other users, you will also love it. It gives a solid competition to other rods.

Things to know before buying a spinning rod:

A spinning rod can be called the best spinning rod only when it meets all the needs as a rod of an angler and adds a new dimension to his fishing excitement. For this, first, you should know what features you have to look in a spinning rod when comparing one rod with others. This needs some research. But tension not! We are here to help you. Let me start!


Size matters a lot while buying a spinning rod. And spinning rods come in different sizes. So, you need to first check your perfect size of the spinning rod for your spinning reel. Because rod size can define the casting style. 

If you like to angle on the kayak or small boats, short length rods will be better for you. They cover a small area, but they tend to bend less than longer rods. So, you will be able to catch more fishes faster.

If you have a big boat or you want your rod to cover a large area without moving much, go for longer rods. Saltwater anglers use them frequently. They can cast at a great range. You can use moving baits with them.

Materials to choose from:

Modern day’s fishing rods are mainly made of 3 types of materials. Fiberglass, graphite or composite – these there are the most used main materials. But somewhere bamboo rods are also available.

You can also make your custom made rods. Well, the choice should entirely depend on what types of fishes you want to catch mostly.

Fiberglass Rods:

Fiberglass is the material that can bend easily when pressure arises. Then after the pressure is lifted it easily retains the previous shape. They are not powerful enough to catch big fishes who fights a lot. Because when it gets pressured on one end, it will bend in a parabolic shape. 

You can say its action class is slow to medium. They are suitable to catch fish that has weak jaws. They are less sensitive than graphite also. In the price category, they are the cheapest than other kinds.

Graphite Rods:

Graphite made rods are the top class rods used in fishing. They are also known as carbon fiber fishing rods. When pressure arises the pressurized end only bends or flexes not the whole rod. In action class, they are the fastest. 

They are usually powerful enough for catching fishes who fight a lot while catching. The most challenging fishes are caught by graphite rods. That’s why they are a bit expensive. Well, the best quality usually comes at the greatest price.

Composite Rods:

You may already assume what I am going to say about it. Yes, this lies in the middle of the top two one -end types. Some parts of the rod are made with fiberglass and the other parts are made of graphite. 

While it works better at handling fish than fiberglass rods but worse than graphite rods. The price is also higher than fiberglass rods and lower than graphite rods. Holding in medium to medium-fast action range they are pretty popular in common anglers.

Action and power:

As I said earlier about action, action in fishing rods actually indicates the point where it starts bending when pressure arises on one end and the less a rod bends, the more powerful it is. Powerful rods make you able to catch fishes that fight a lot while being caught. It actually depends on the materials. The power is categorized in the increasing order as –

With slower action rods you can move your bait with treble hooks and fiberglass rods are slower action rods. They are less powerful as they start bending with normal pressure. 

They are perfect for catching small bait fishes. You can now easily assume why composite rods are called medium action rods. As I wrote before the graphite rods are fast action because they bend near the pressurized end and bend only a little.

Handle & Gear:

A fishing rod’s handle is generally made of cork. It can be made using EVA foam too. Cork is a natural material while EVA foam is a chemical polymer. Some people prefer cork because of it doesn’t make hands sweaty. EVA handles are also pretty good as they are lightweight, gives good grip and can retain their shape though being used too many times.
Carbon fiber handles are also not rare. Which one you will choose entirely depends on your comfort. Even handles have sizes – longer or shorter. Handles also can custom made. Depending on the fishing application, ease of use, durability and one’s own preferences of using.


Another vital element you need to check before buying spinning rods is weight. If you intend to fish for a long time, try to buy a rod that is lightweight but strong at the same time. 

Because holding a heavy rod for a long time, you may feel your hands are numb. Check rods weight and see how much weight you are comfortable to bear for a long time.

Line guide:

On almost every spinning reel you will find a metal ring type figure attached with the rod. The lines pass through it and it provides smooth movement of the line. Generally, it is made of stainless steel. 

But recently some rod manufacturers offer titanium guide with the rod which is so strong that even if your rod is bent due to pressure, the guides will not break.

1-piece or 2-piece:

Many fishing rods are made in 1-piece which means you have to carry it as it is. Classic anglers use 1-piece models. Some say they find 1-piece rod tend to have more strength. However, modern 2-piece rods are also not less stronger when it comes to performance. 

The main benefit of having 2-piece rod is you can carry along rod by turning it in two separate parts which are actually convenient. Once you reach your destination, you can attach the two parts and make your rod complete. 

Some say some 2-piece rods are so well constructed that the tip and the butt section seem to work better and stronger in their own tasks. Let me tell you; you can find some rods which can be separated into 3 or 4 piece also.


As spin fishing is popular, so the demand for spinning reels is higher. Many manufacturers tried to make good quality spinning rods. But judging from the materials and performance, not all are the same. Moreover, users know the best pros and cons of the products. 

So, trying to find the best spinning rod is something a good angler will do before putting his money on some random spinning rods. If you just know a little bit about some good spinning rods in the market, it will be beneficial.

In this article, we have come with some qualitiful spinning rods that come within 100$. If you have noticed carefully you will see that though all are under 100$, some spinning rods cost 15$ where some cost 60$. 

The thing is, you can’t compare a 15$ spinning rod with a 60$ one. We are recommending them because their quality and performance exceeds their price and they are worthy of the price.

Here, you will find the best spinning rods under 100 which means your fishing gear will not cost much than 150 bucks. You can enjoy fishing without worrying much. So what’s next? Buy a spinning rod that suits your style, pair it with a nice spinning reel and go out for fishing.

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